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Surfing on Great Barrier Island

The main surfing locations are at Whangapoua Beach, Medlands and Awana....

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Whangapoua  Only a short walk from Okiwi Airfield and has excellent surf breaks over sandbanks in a north-easterly swell. (Approx 25 minute drive from Claris. Camping at end of the airfield)
Medlands  The nearest surf beach to Tryphena (15 minutes drive) and has excellent sand bars along its entire length, particularly on an incoming tide.  Shark Alley is a popular right hand break at the southern end that moves over rocky reef and sand bars. (Approx 5 minute drive from Claris. Camping at southern end of Kaitoke beach and southern end of Medlands. Backpackers at Medlands)
Awana  Noted for its excellent all year round surf conditions and the choice of waves resulting from rapidly shifting sandbanks. (Approx 10 minute drive from Claris. Camping at DoC and Mickey's Place. Backpackers at Crossroads)


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